Sommer's Automobile Museum

Ole Sommer

Ole Sommer's parents lived on top of his grandfathers Ford Dealership 'SIMO' in the Copenhagen suburb, Frederiksberg, so there were oil spots on Ole's first diapers!

Ole was in England from 1949 to 1951 - first as a pupil at the Jaguar Factory, later with Jowett, where the result was a 'Certificate of Competence' as a toolmaker. He came back to Copenhagen in 1951 and started at the Copenhagen Technical University, which in 1956 resulted in graduation as M. of Sc., specializing in combustion engines. His father's sudden death in 1952 placed Ole Sommer as owner of the Family-Owned Company E. Sommer, which imported cars including Jaguar. In 1957 Ole started a separate Volvo dealership under the name: O. Sommer, which over the years became the biggest Danish Volvo dealership,

Ole Sommer initiated additional activities, such as import of Marine Engines from England, France and Spain plus manufacture and export of controllable pitch propellers for big fishing trawlers. A factory for Optimist dinghies was also added and manufactured 3.000 dinghies annually.

A team of wonderful staff members enabled Ole Sommer to run the various companies successfully for many years. The growing collection of Vintage Cars was placed in the Head Office at Naerum and resulted in participation in Veteran Car Rallies in far-away countries. This also led to organizing Copenhagen Classic Car Cup, twice with Historic Cars racing in front of the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, the third time on a circuit created on the foundations of the historic Marine Base in the Port of Copenhagen.

The companies in the Sommer Group were gradually sold off - the last being the dealership for Volvo Trucks and Buses - so from 2004 Ole Sommer has concentrated on the Automotive Museum, positioned in a new building on his premises in Naerum.

Sailing has also been a major activity with exciting destinations, for instance as the first Danish Yacht circumnavigating the Isle of Rügen, just before the Wall collapsed, and also the first Danish Yacht circumnavigating the Isles of Estonia after the Second World War.

A happy marriage since 1960 to Ole's Swiss wife, their 4 children plus 11 grandchildren all provided a solid background for the role as chief of Sommer's Automobile Museum until he passed away peacefully in July 2018.

Ole Sommer also acted as a Danish Car Manufacturer. First in the 1970'es with 7 examples of the unique 'Joker', later with 20 examples of the sports car 'OScar'. A number of special airport Crash Tenders were also created over a period of 30 years. This is - by many other things - mentioned in Claus Frausing's book: 'Samtaler med Ole Sommer - om biler, mennesker og olie i håret'. The book is in Danish and for sale at the Museum.